Arizona House of Graphix is always looking for friendly, professional people
that want to supplement their income, or even make a full time career
selling printing & design services. It's easy, fun, and rewarding!

This is a great way to help our local economy by encouraging businesses to BUY LOCAL!

  1. Any well-spoken, reliable, professionally dressed person with clean hygeine, a good work ethic and good manners may represent AZHG.  Learn more about AZHG here.
  2. If you are a graphic designer, you may become a print broker.
  3. If you already own your own business, you may supplement your income by passing coupon cards with your code on them. For every person that redeems the coupon, you get credits or cash.


Coupon Distributors, or (CD's) Pass out coupon cards with you unique code on them. For every new client, a CD will earn a percentage of the total sales, once the job is completed and paid. There is no need to make appointments or sales calls, just pass out coupons. Up to 20% credit or up to 10% cash.
Affiliate Marketers, or (AM's) Pass out business cards, coupons and brochures, discuss print jobs with clients, promote AZHG in a positive light, and return calls from clients who have questions. Up to 30% credit or 20% cash.
Print Brokers,
or (PB's)
Print Brokers are usually graphic designers or former print-shop employees.  They solicit their clients on a regular basis, and ensure their jobs are done right. Print brokers buy the printing at a wholesale rate and resell it to their clients. In many cases, the PB client is not aware of AZHG. Up to 40% cash.
Up to 50% credit
  All literature is supplied to all 3 Designations at no charge.  


1. How Do I Know I'll Get Credit?
Be sure you tell your friend to inform us who referred them. We always credit our referrals because nothing entices you to send more people our way like getting money! 
2. How Often Will I Be Paid?
Referrals are paid monthly. The payment is credited after the new customer's job is complete and fully paid.

  1. An interview is required for all candidates that would represent AZHG.  If you are an independent Broker, and your client never knows who we are, then an interview is not necessary, However, all Brokers must understand and agree to AZHG Policies.
  2. Persons who represent AZHG in any way, are prohibited from engaging in illegal, illicit, unethical or immoral behaviors while representing AZHG, Inc.
  3. All AZHG reps are required to sign an employment contract as independent contractors. This means your tax liabilities are your own. AZHG will not deduct taxes from your paycheck.
  4. The employment contract will include non-disclosure and non-compete clauses, meaning you cannot work for another printshop while employed by AZHG.
  5. Coupon Distributors and Affliate Marketers send customers to AZHG. These customers remain AZHG's clients in perpetuity.
  6. Credits are cumulative and used as you place orders for your own print needs.


  1. Being a Print Broker is a business. It can be full or part time. Print Brokers earn the highest of all commissions, and are therefore required to handle all aspects of customer orders, including correct price quotes, and taking payments. AZHG supplies printed order forms.
  2. Print Brokers must understand the print industry. Terms such as CMYK, process printing, gang run, gutters, margins, up/over, etc. will be used and not taught.
  3. Brokers must buy their own paper, deliver it to AZHG, with completed order and payment.
  4. Brokers charge their client AZHG's retail price or higher as the market will bear. Profits can be 20-60%.
  5. Print Brokers may retain their own client base, and AZHG will not knowingly solicit them. If the case arises that a Broker's client calls for pricing, we politely decline to quote, or double the retail price.
  6. If Broker wishes not to continue, clients are given over to AZHG. We will continue to pay commissions to the Broker for a full year.